Why do you need Workmanship Checking?

There have been hundreds of cases whereby the homeowners suffered loss from their renovation due to the poor workmanship of the contractors. The Complimentary Workmanship Inspection is meant to assist the homeowners to inspect the condition of the completed works during their take-over. We will be adopting Singapore CONQUAS Assessment system to conduct our inspection.

How It Works

1. Get Free Quotations from www.RenoEasi.com

Search your favourite local home Interior Designers and Renovators from our website. Get some ideas and inspirations from their company profile and project references. It’s easy to request a free quotation from our Interior Designers and Renovators.


2. Get Matched and Kickstart Your Renovation Journey

Get matched with our Interior Designers and Renovators. After you’ve selected your preferred Interior Designer or Renovator, you may award the project to them and kickstart your renovation journey.


3. Get Complimentary Workmanship Checking

We really care about the service we give to our customers, most of all we care about the quality of our service providers. Simply submit the sign up form for Complimentary Workmanship Inspection service and we will get in touch with you for the arrangement.


What is not Covered?

  a) We do not provide complimentary inspection to other contractor’s works that were not referred by RenoEasi.

b) Our inspection does not cover Structural and M&E works.


Sign Up Now

If you are interested in taking up the complimentary workmanship inspection service, please sign up after you’ve awarded the project to our service providers. Our team will get in touch with you within 7 business days.


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