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Wardrobe Trends in Singapore

Wardrobes have become such ubiquitous part of our home interiors that one might not even notice their functional and aesthetical importance anymore. However, it is important to note that a proper wardrobe design is important in order to get the best of your interior design, both in the context of space and looks. Wardrobes in Singapore have seen a massive upgrade from those typical single leaf monstrosities a la 90’s home designs. This amelioration has led to the birth of some amazing design trends over the decades.

Further, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular wardrobe design trends with respect to carpentry in Singapore.


1) Classic Modernity

There is something extremely enchanting about using classical accents in otherwise modern designs, and the trend has actively seeped into wardrobes in Singapore. The overall clean look of such wardrobes is accented by metal knobs and handles that provide beautiful contrast against the simple finishes. The slight rectangular indentations in such designs are reminiscent of wainscoted walls, but their effect is timelessly understated in context to such neat carpentry work.



2) Bifold with mirrors

Bifold door leafs are the newest trend that has caught up in the Singapore interior scape, so wardrobes with such door leafs becoming popular is no big surprise. They’re trendy and can be customized according to personal aesthetics. For example, you can create a full mirror inlay or you might even have the centers carved. Since carpentry in Singapore has become quite advance, there is nothing you can’t accomplish anymore.



3) Industrial Chic

The industrial style is one of those evergreen aesthetics that have a raw, edgy appeal along with a decidedly contemporary flair. Wardrobe designs that manage to capture their detailed intricacy are quite hard to come by, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Wardrobes in Singapore have become quite versatile in styling, so if you manage to get the right distressed textures and blend it with the right color scheme, you’ll definitely get awesome results.



4) Classical Vintage

We’ve all wanted to get a Queen Ann’s wardrobe at least once in our lifetimes – be it when you were small and idealistic, or if your style runs the gamut of vintage Victorian as an adult. Such wardrobes can be used as individual units or even built-in into designated alcoves. There is an understated yet ornate beauty in such wardrobe designs, and with the efficient services of carpentry in Singapore, you’ll never have to worry about the detailing.


5) Understated Luxury & Personalization

Matt finishes, faded gold filigree, distressed textures and a penchant for organized internal design – sound like your dream aesthetic? Well you can definitely stylize your wardrobe in this way. You can make a mood board of all your favorite finishes, select the best combinations, and have a designer do the rest for you. Rest assured, your wardrobe will look absolutely stunning and will literally be one of a kind.


6) Camouflaged Digital Prints

While digital wallpapers are the epitome of trendy interior design, it is no surprise that wardrobes with camouflaged digital prints cladded on their door leafs have become quite common and fashionable. Not only does it allow you to personalize the overall aesthetic, it also gives you an opportunity to stylize the overall design of your interior in a subtle and luxurious way. Carpentry in Singapore has definitely become advanced enough to translate such unique ideas into reality.


7) Organized Dream

Even Marie Kondo would be impressed with the highly efficient inherent organization of this particular wardrobe design. HDB’s are almost always space starved so wardrobe designs in Singapore always have to take this particular aspect into consideration with respect to the overall design. This is why this wardrobe layout is so relevant with Singapore’s context. Each and every portion has been artfully compartmentalized in a fool proof way – even the most stubborn of procrastinators will have trouble cluttering this mega-organized wardrobe up.


There are a lot of ways you can design your wardrobes, but these aforementioned trends have been making a clean sweep in the wardrobe design genre in 2018.

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