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How To Choose A Good Tiling Contractor In Singapore

Tiling is a costly venture, and it is important to make sure that your investment isn’t a bust for long term. This is why you should always go for a good tiling contractor who can help you get the best possible due diligence for a project. Not only can a professional tiling contractor appraise your site and project appropriately, but they can also help you get the best products, the best finishes and the best prices to go with your renovation. So the question now is, how do you choose a good tiling contractor in Singapore? Let’s find out!


1. Request an estimate

While browsing for your tiling professional, you should always ask for a rough estimate of your project. The varying cost between the contractors can be quite confusing, but make sure you also appraise the quality of work along with the quoted price. Sometimes, a contractor who bids a larger price presents good, qualitative work as compared to a contractor who bids a lower price for bad quality work. Remember that you’re going for long-lasting and durable tiling work, so always keep the long term advantages in mind.


2. Ask for testimonials

During your search for the ideal tiling contractor in Singapore, the best thing you can ask of the candidate are some extensive testimonials. Testimonials are written statements by previous clients can be very reassuring once you read their experience with respect to similar jobs. If you feel like these can be easily faked, then you can ask for the contact number of these clients and talk to them about their personal experience with that particular contractor extensively. You’ll definitely feel reassured and can make a more firm decision once you’ve talked to a person who’s gone through a similar venture.


3. Browse their Portfolios

Another thing you can do while searching for the ideal tiling contractor is ask for portfolios from your candidates. More often than not, looking at the actual work done by that professional can help you make your mind about whether you want them to do your job or not. Any tiling contractor in Singapore can show you their portfolios of projects similar to your own. You can comfortably look through their previous works and then decide if they’re worth investing on or not.


4. Know your scope of work

It is pretty important to actually know your scope of work before going to your tiling contractor. This includes appraising your desired products and looking for the level of skills and expertise required for your particular project. If your tiling work is typical, then the level of expertise of your contractor may differ than otherwise. On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone to lay down customized floor patterns with expert precision, then you’ll definitely be looking for a contractor who can handle such an intricate and extensive scope of work.


5. A showroom referral

Tile showrooms are the best place to start your search for that ideal tiling contractor in Singapore. This way, you can browse for those perfect tiles that complement your home interiors as well as a capable contractor to do all the work at the same time.

Most tiling showrooms have extensive lists of tiling contractors and their portfolios. Moreover, the employees there can give you personal referrals according to the scope of work you’re going for. This can cut down a lot of time and hassle on your part, especially when you can get an expert opinion.


6. Educate yourself beforehand

You must also educate yourself a little in the process of tile laying in order to get the most of your services. You don’t have to become an expert overnight, but having some generic knowledge and conforming the details with your contractor can be very reassuring. For example, if you know the correct ratio of adhesive mixing and the minimal requirement of grouting space between the tiles, you can definitely oversee your tiling work in a more better as well as an efficient way. It’s a great way to spruce down your ideal tiling contractor in Singapore.

Finding the perfect tiling professional can be hard work, and we hope this list can help you cut down on a lot of hassle during the process.


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