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Comprehensive Renovation Breakdown Cost of Singapore in 2018

Comprehensive Renovation Breakdown Cost of Singapore in 2018

It has never been easy to manage your renovation budget when you have no idea how much does it cost for each of your renovation activity. To enabling everyone to manage their renovation budget effectively, we have produced an estimated renovation breakdown cost for those common renovation activities.

1. Dismantling and Hacking

Dismantling and hacking is one of the most unwanted works by all of us as it produces noises, debris and dusts. However, it is inevitable when comes to renovation. There are few things to take note in hacking works:-

(a) We DO NOT hack structural member of building like reinforced concrete column, beam, and shear wall as it will impair the structural integrity of the building. However, partition walls like brick walls and plasterboard walls are hackable as they are non load bearing member.

(b) Always check with relevant authority/professionals prior to any hacking of walls. Hacking of certain walls require a permit from the HDB or management of the condominium

(c) A proper protection work needs to be in place prior to the commencement of hacking works. (Note: Kindly check with you renovator if disposal of debris off-site is included in the quotation.)

1. Dismantling and Hacking Cost

1Brick wall and block wall; in whole; in part
i. brick wall not exceeding 200 mm thick, including disposal of debris off-sitem2$40.00 ~ $55.00
2Natural stones; tiles; wash pebbles; the like; wall/ floor finish; cement and sand backing/ bedding scared; whole in part
i. stone/tiles finishes; not exceeding 50mm thickm2$40.00 ~ $55.00
ii. stone/tiles finishes; exceeding 50mm thickm2$60.00 ~ $78.00
3Drywall partitions; in whole; in part; the like
i. brick wall, including disposal of debris off-sitem2$40.00 ~ $55.00
4Cement and sand plaster; paint; in whole; in part
i. cement and sand paving; not exceeding 25mm thickm2$40.00 ~ $50.00


2. Wall & Floor Finishes

One of the most common activities in renovation works is the application of wall & floor finishes.  Finishes works involves plastering, skim coating, painting and tiling works. There are few things to take note in wall & floor finishes works:-

(a) In general, the cost of wall finishes work is slightly more expensive than floor finishes as it involves working at height.

(b) The cost of wall and floor finishes is mainly dictated by the type of finishes you choose. (Note: The cost below does not cover the material cost; it is mainly labour cost.)

(c) Waterproofing works need to be done prior to the application of floor finishes at wet areas like bathroom and kitchen. If you do not wish to damage the existing waterproofing system, you may consider overlay the new tiles on the existing tiles instead of hacking the existing tiles)

Renovation breakdown cost_floor finishes
Floor Finishes

2a. Floor Finishes Cost

1Cement and sand paving
i. 25mm thick; finished to fallsm2$22.00 ~ $30.00
ii. 35mm thick; finished to fallsm2$25.00 ~ $33.00
2Cement and sand plaster; paint; in whole; in part
i. cement and sand paving; not exceeding 25mm thickm2$40.00 ~ $50.00
3Lay only homogeneous/ ceramic tiles; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesives; patterns
i. to floorm2$60.00 ~ $80.00
4Lay only mosaic tiles; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesive; pattern
i. to floorm2$87.00 ~ $113.00
5Lay only granite/ marble; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesives; pattern
i. to floorm2$87.00 ~ $113.00
6Wash pebbles; cement and sand mortar; protective impregnator coating
i. to floorm2$87.00 ~ $113.00
7Floor hardener; levelling; curing with compound
i. to floorm2$20.00 ~ $30.00


Renovation breakdown cost_wall finishes
Wall Finishes

2b. Wall Finishes Cost

1Cement and sand plaster; plastering admixtures; finished smooth
i. 20mm thick; brickwork; clockwork; concrete surfacem2$45.00 ~ $60.00
2Cement and sand backing; receive marble granite/ homogeneous/ ceramic/ mosaic tiles
i. 20mm thick; brickwork; clockwork; concrete surfacem2$20.00 ~ $28.00
3Skim coat plastering; plasticiser; finished smooth; concrete surfaces
i. to internal wallm2$15.00 ~ $20.00
ii. to external wallm2$17.00 ~ $23.00
4Cement and sand plaster; paint; in whole; in part
i. cement and sand paving; not exceeding 25mm thickm2$40.00 ~ $50.00
5Lay only homogeneous/ ceramic tiles; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesives; patterns
i. to wallm2$60.00 ~ $80.00
6Lay only mosaic tiles; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesive; pattern
i. to wallm2$87.00 ~ $120.00
7Lay only granite/ marble; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesives; pattern
i. to wallm2$87.00 ~ $120.00


3. False Ceiling

False ceiling is the immediate component of soffit of slab or roof. It is common for homeowners to create a false ceiling space to hide all the M&E services so that all these services will not be visible to the public. There are few things to take note in this aspects of works:-

(a) In general, there are two types of plasterboard. They are moisture resistance fibrous plasterboard and fibrous plasterboard. For moisture resistance fibrous plasterboard, it is commonly used in wet areas like bathroom and kitchen; However for fibrous plasterboard, it is commonly used in areas like living wall, bedroom where the area is not exposed to any wet activity.

(b) Always check with your renovators if the opening for M&E services and patching works are inclusive in your quotation.

(c) The higher your false ceiling is, the more you need to pay as it involves working at height.

3. False Ceiling Cost

1Moisture resistance fibrous plasterboard
i. 9mm thick not exceeding 3.5m high to ceilingm2$50.00 ~ $100.00
ii. 12mm thick not exceeding 5.0m high to ceilingm2$80.00 ~ $130.00
2Fibrous plasterboard
i. 9mm thick not exceeding 3.5m high to ceilingm2$40.00 ~ $80.00
ii. 12mm thick not exceeding 5.0m high to ceilingm2$70.00 ~ $120.00


4. Partition Wall

Partition walls are non load bearing walls. They are constructed of materials like brick walls, plasterboard, light weight block and so on to separate a space from one another. There are few things to take note in this aspect of works:-

(a) The cost is mainly dictated by the type of partition wall you choose. If you intend to create a better sound insulation for your room, you may consider constructing a thicker wall. Or, you may consider applying insulation board on your partition wall.

(b) If your tearing down an existing wall, please check with relevant authority or professionals if the existing walls are load bearing wall. Also, you are required to apply for permit from HDB or the management of condominium to prior to your demolition of walls.

Renovation Breakdown Cost of Singapore in 2017

4. Partition Wall Cost

1Plasterboard wall system
i. to wallm2$110.00 ~ $130.00
2Brick Wall
i. Well burnt solid clay brick; standard size: bedded and jointed; cement and sand mortar; plasticiser
~ 100 thick wall m2$40.00 ~ $52.00
~ 150 thick wall m2$60.00 ~ $75.00
ii. Facing brick wall; first quality; pointed
~ 100 thick wall m2$90.00 ~ $115.00
~ 150 thick wall m2$100.00 ~ $130.00


5. Carpentry 

Carpentry involves assembling of timber works like cabinet, tv console, wardrobe and so on. It is kind of a “must” for those not fully furnished houses.

(a) The cost is mainly dictated by the size and dimension of your carpentry work as well as the difficulty level of the works.  Also, your choice of materials (wood) will greatly affect the cost of the work

(b) The precision of the dimension is very important for carpentry work as most of carpentry works are custom-made.

(c) Different kind surface finishes (bare finish, laminate, solid surface) will cost you differently. It is always good to confirm with your carpenter on the cost of different surface finish prior to your order.

5. Carpentry Cost

i. Kitchen Cabinet (including solid surface)per meter run$500.00 ~ $800.00
i. Wardrobe (including laminates)per meter run$800.00 ~ $1,500.00
i. Vanity Table (including solid surface)per meter run$350.00 ~ $550.00


6. Electrical Works

6. Electrical Works Cost

1Lighting Point and Wiring
~ Core PVC cable to lighting points including PVC trunking, surface mounted white rocker plate switches:-
i. One lighting point controlled by 1-gang switchsum$60.00 ~ $100.00
ii. Two lighting point controlled by 2-gang switchsum$75.00 ~ $120.00
iii. Three lighting point controlled by 3-gang switchessum$85.00 ~ $125.00
iv. One lighting point controlled by 2-way switchessum$90.00 ~ $130.00
v. One fan point controlled by one switch excluding regulatorsum$90.00 ~ $110.00
2Power Point and Wiring
i. One 13 Amp switch socket outlet (1-gang) with wiringsum$90.00 ~ $120.00
ii. One 13 Amp switch socket outlet (2-gang) with wiringsum$100.00 ~ $130.00
iii. One 15 Amp switch socket outlet (1-gang) with wiringsum$110.00 ~ $140.00
iv. One 20 Amp water heater point with wiringsum$150.00 ~ $180.00


7. Plumbing Work

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7. Plumbing Works Cost

1Supply and Installation of Sanitary Fitments
~ To supply and install the following inclusive of all connection, necessary pipework and fittings, support, opening
i. Floor trapset$150.00 ~ $200.00
ii. Floor Waste outlet (75 x 75) including grating coverset$50.00 ~ $60.00
iii. Gully Trap including gating coverset$200.00 ~ $250.00
iv. Water Tap (installation only) set$50.00 ~ $80.00
v. Constant Flow Regulatorset$30.00 ~ $40.00
2Installation of Sanitary Fitments
~ To install the following of all connection, necessary pipework and fittings, support, opening
i. Wash Basinset$50.00 ~ $100.00
ii. Sinkset$75.00 ~ $125.00
iii. Squatting type W.Cset$200.00 ~ $300.00
iv. Pedestal type W.C (floor mounted) set$150.00 ~ $200.00
v. Urinal (wall hung) set$150.00 ~ $200.00
vi. Tapset$50.00 ~ $80.00
vii. Automatic sensor type flush valve for Urinal or W.Cset$50.00 ~ $80.00
viii. Manual type flush valve for Urinal or W.Cset$100.00 ~ $120.00


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Wardrobe Trends in Singapore

Wardrobes have become such ubiquitous part of our home interiors that one might not even notice their functional and aesthetical importance anymore. However, it is important to note that a proper wardrobe design is important in order to get the best of your interior design, both in the context of space and looks. Wardrobes in Singapore have seen a massive upgrade from those typical single leaf monstrosities a la 90’s home designs. This amelioration has led to the birth of some amazing design trends over the decades.

Further, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular wardrobe design trends with respect to carpentry in Singapore.


1) Classic Modernity

There is something extremely enchanting about using classical accents in otherwise modern designs, and the trend has actively seeped into wardrobes in Singapore. The overall clean look of such wardrobes is accented by metal knobs and handles that provide beautiful contrast against the simple finishes. The slight rectangular indentations in such designs are reminiscent of wainscoted walls, but their effect is timelessly understated in context to such neat carpentry work.



2) Bifold with mirrors

Bifold door leafs are the newest trend that has caught up in the Singapore interior scape, so wardrobes with such door leafs becoming popular is no big surprise. They’re trendy and can be customized according to personal aesthetics. For example, you can create a full mirror inlay or you might even have the centers carved. Since carpentry in Singapore has become quite advance, there is nothing you can’t accomplish anymore.



3) Industrial Chic

The industrial style is one of those evergreen aesthetics that have a raw, edgy appeal along with a decidedly contemporary flair. Wardrobe designs that manage to capture their detailed intricacy are quite hard to come by, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Wardrobes in Singapore have become quite versatile in styling, so if you manage to get the right distressed textures and blend it with the right color scheme, you’ll definitely get awesome results.



4) Classical Vintage

We’ve all wanted to get a Queen Ann’s wardrobe at least once in our lifetimes – be it when you were small and idealistic, or if your style runs the gamut of vintage Victorian as an adult. Such wardrobes can be used as individual units or even built-in into designated alcoves. There is an understated yet ornate beauty in such wardrobe designs, and with the efficient services of carpentry in Singapore, you’ll never have to worry about the detailing.


5) Understated Luxury & Personalization

Matt finishes, faded gold filigree, distressed textures and a penchant for organized internal design – sound like your dream aesthetic? Well you can definitely stylize your wardrobe in this way. You can make a mood board of all your favorite finishes, select the best combinations, and have a designer do the rest for you. Rest assured, your wardrobe will look absolutely stunning and will literally be one of a kind.


6) Camouflaged Digital Prints

While digital wallpapers are the epitome of trendy interior design, it is no surprise that wardrobes with camouflaged digital prints cladded on their door leafs have become quite common and fashionable. Not only does it allow you to personalize the overall aesthetic, it also gives you an opportunity to stylize the overall design of your interior in a subtle and luxurious way. Carpentry in Singapore has definitely become advanced enough to translate such unique ideas into reality.


7) Organized Dream

Even Marie Kondo would be impressed with the highly efficient inherent organization of this particular wardrobe design. HDB’s are almost always space starved so wardrobe designs in Singapore always have to take this particular aspect into consideration with respect to the overall design. This is why this wardrobe layout is so relevant with Singapore’s context. Each and every portion has been artfully compartmentalized in a fool proof way – even the most stubborn of procrastinators will have trouble cluttering this mega-organized wardrobe up.


There are a lot of ways you can design your wardrobes, but these aforementioned trends have been making a clean sweep in the wardrobe design genre in 2018.

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The Top 5 Interior Design Styles in Singapore

One of the biggest struggles both the client and interior designer have to face during a renovation is not being able to communicate properly. This is in part due to the fact that clients have little to no technical knowledge of any design lingo, so they can never properly articulate what kind of a interior design styles they want to have in their homes. Everyone wants their home to look the absolute best! But how to bridge that gap between your designer and yourself in order to communicate properly?

Easy; educate yourself a little bit in their lingo so you can better know and tell what, how and where you want your dream home accoutrements to be!

Here’s a small crash course in all the prevailing interior design styles in both Singapore. Knowing these small essentials will help you go a long way from your starting point!

(1) Contemporary

The word ‘contemporary’ literally translates to ‘of the present.’ So the contemporary interior design styles emulate all the practices that are trending at the present moment. Many people confuse this style with modern, not knowing that they are distinctly different. Interior design and Singapore is chock-full of contemporary interior design trends. It’s ubiquitous, but many do not know its defining characteristics.

Here’s all you need to know: the contemporary style is fluid! It doesn’t have to be strictly formal and rigid like modernism. It can lean a little sideways to be flamboyant and even artsy. You can use green walls, indoor planters, accent laser lighting, unique lighting fixtures, vivid colors, graphic art and even accessories that make a bold statement to emulate the contemporary style in your interior design. Anything and everything that is trending in the here and now is relevant!

Interior Design styles_Contemporary Style

(2) Industrial

The industrial style emulates a warehouse-like aesthetic, which emphasizes raw materials and an artfully unfinished ambiance. Interior design in Singapore has become canny enough to emulate such an impactful style in residential settings.

You can evoke the industrial style in your interior design by following two simple rules; use materials with raw aesthetic, and an understated, dull color palate. The idea is to emphasize all of the raw finishes, so you can use exposed brick, hollowed-out ductwork in the ceiling and cement. Track lights and wooden accents are also a great way to imbue the industrial style.

Interior Design styles_Industrial Style

(3) Scandinavian

The Modern Movement represented societies take on simplicity in the past, and the Scandinavian Style represents our take on simplicity now. This style is straightforward and undemanding – basic at its best. But still, there is a lot of thought that goes into designing an effortlessly Scandinavian style interior design.

Interior design in Singapore is dominantly leaning towards the Scandinavian style of interior design. This style is characterized by a few major points: all-white color palate with a small bit of contrast, light wooden floors, large window openings and understated furniture/accessories. You can even incorporate light distressed wood finishes, shag rugs and subtle metallic accents. The overall impact is elegant and understated.

Interior Design styles_Scandinavian Style

(4) Shabby-Chic

Interior design in Singapore is quite all-encompassing, but the Shabby-Chic style has been decidedly prevalent. This style is characterized by soft, aesthetically worn-out furnishings that seem extremely vintage inspired – even though they are new most of the times. This style uses a light or pastel color palate that emphasizes the vintage charm of all the other features. Distressed finishes – paint, fabric, flooring, wallpapers and more – are also a key characteristic of this style. You can embellish the Shabby-Chic style with antique or vintage decoration pieces displayed in strategic corners around the room. a large amount of visual clutter is also appreciated.

(5) Minimalistic

Minimalism is not simply an interior design style, but also a way of life. It entails getting rid of the clutter in both your life and space for a better, more serene lifestyle. Therefore, a minimalist interior design focuses on simple, elegant materials that stand out on their own, regardless of the lack of ornamentation. These materials may feature matt, gloss or even smooth finishes. The color scheme is a mixture of light and earthy. Both of them combine to offer a beautiful visual contrast. Simple furniture with no decorative value is very much appreciated in this aesthetic. There is little to no ornamentation or accessories – if you don’t absolutely need it, then it shouldn’t be in the space after all. Add in large window portals that let in an ample amount of natural light and you’ll have a beautiful minimal interior of your very own.

Interior Design styles_Minimalistic Style


If you sit down to compile a list of all existing interior design styles, then it could go on literally and figuratively forever. But since interior design in Singapore is pretty streamlined, a crash course in these few style would be enough to better your basic understanding.