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Top 5 Defects That You Must Know Before Taking Over Your New House

Buying a house is a very big commitment to most of the newly wed. Today, we are going to share with you the “Top 5 Defects That You Must Know Before Taking Over Your New House”.



1. Water Leakage  

Water leakage at the wet area like kitchen and toilets can cause you a nightmare if you are staying at the high rise residential building. It is also one of most problematic defects that homeowners are facing nowadays.

There are several ways to detect the water leakage at your house unit. First, you can carry out visual inspection to find out if there is any water stain marks or leakages at the ceiling of your kitchen and toilets. Further, you can also carry water ponding test to your kitchen and toilets area to check if there is any drop in the water level.


2. Clogged Piping 

There have been many clogged piping cases in the past whereby the water overflow from the pipe outlet. Thus, it is always advisable for new homeowners to activate the utilities and let the water run before they move into their new house.


3. Window Tightness 

Most of the homeowners always overlook this defect they they first take over their new house. Poor window tightness can lead to problems like water seepage and excessive noise pollution.

To prevent this from happening, homeowners can always check whether the windows are properly installed and fully sealed. Another thing is to ensure that the window sealants are still intact and in good condition.


4. Hollow and Uneven Floor Tiling 

This is one of the most common defect that homeowners will normally see when they first take over their new house.

Hollow and uneven floor tiling are mainly due to poor workmanship of the tiler. It will cause problems like floor cracking and popping up of tiles. It is advisable to replace all the hollow and uneven floor tiling before moving in, otherwise it will cause greater inconveniences to the homeowners in future.


5. Electrical Supply 

It is always good to ensure that all the power points within the house are still functioning well without any tripping. If your encounter any power tripping, it is very likely likely due to overloading, faulty breaker or bad wiring.


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