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Renovating Your Kitchen?? Things That You Must Know For Your Kitchen Renovation

To many of the food lovers, kitchen is one of the most important room within the house. Not only that it is a place to store all the groceries, it is also a place where families spend time around. It has never been an easy task to undertake your kitchen renovation as there are many trades involved within. Today, we are going to share with your the things that your must know before your kitchen renovation begins


Number 1: Existing Kitchen Layout  Vs Proposed Kitchen Layout 

Be mindful of the existing kitchen layout before you design for your new kitchen layout. It is good to first identify the services position at the existing kitchen layout like water points and electrical points. From the services point, you will have a rough idea how you should play around within room.

There are many types of kitchen layout design in the market, however, you should choose the layout that in line with your living behaviour. For instance, If you like to spend time with your friends and families within the kitchen, you may consider creating a space like open kitchen island where you utilise it for dining and drinking purpose.


kitchen layout
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Number 2:  Knowing the details of your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets is considered the most costly part in your kitchen renovation, thus knowing your options may help you to have some saving in it. Basically, the cost of the kitchen cabinet is mainly dictated by its length and the material we use for the cabinets, counter top, accessories. Over here we are going to have quick look into these few aspects.


Needless to say, the longer your cabinet, the more costly it will be. Therefore, always be mindful whether are going for sole bottom cabinet or a combination of top and bottom cabinet.


Cabinets can be either made of timber or aluminium and later is always more costly due to cost of the raw material. Most of the homeowners still prefer choosing timber cabinet with high pressure laminate due to its aesthetic pleasure and its surface texture. However, durability wise, aluminium made cabinets are relatively more lasting and resistant to water damage.

Counter Top 

There are many options for your counter top selection like solid surface, quartz and kompacplus. The length of the counter top is dictated by the length of your bottom cabinets and your island.


Cabinet works will always come with accessories like hinges and tracking system. If your are looking for branded accessories like Blum or Hafele, it will be quoted separately.


kitchen renovation
Photo Credit : 7even Interior Design


Number 3: Hiding all your services 

Always begin with the end in mind when you plan for your kitchen renovation. A good Interior Designer or Renovation Contractor will always advise their clients to first confirm on the position of the services like power points, water points and gas point prior to the commencement of the physical works to prevent any double handling works.

The purpose of this is to ensure that all the service can be covered by the cabinets without people knowing their existence.

kitchen layout
Photo Credit: Design 4 Space


After reading this article, hope that you will have a better understanding on the details of kitchen renovation. If  you looking for reliable Interior Design Firm, Renovation Contractor or Carpenter, you can click for non-obligatory quotations before your renovation begins.


Renovation Essentials Tips & Advice

Top 4 Things You Must Know Before You Request For Renovation Quotation

As a smart consumer, we always compare before our purchase. The same goes to the homeowners/ business owners when they are looking for reliable home professionals for their renovation works. Today, we are going to share with the “Top 4 Things That You Must Know Before You Request For Renovation Quotation”. 




Number 1: Understand Your Renovation Need 

It is important for homeowners/ business owners to understand their renovation needs before they approach any home professionals for renovation quotation. Homeowners/ Business owners can not expect the home professionals to read their mind. Thus, they must have a clear mind of the scope of works, affected areas and the design style that they want.


Number 2: Know Your Site Condition 

Knowing your site condition is crucial as it will dictate your renovation cost. For home professionals to provide an accurate quotation, it is advisable for homeowners/ business owners to provide a copy of general layout plan with dimension as well as some actual site photographs. This is to help the home professionals to have the better understanding of the site condition and provide a more realistic renovation quotation. 


Number 3: Fix Your Expected Commencement Date 

This is one of standard question that a home professional will when you approach them for a renovation quotation. Home professionals always concern about the commencement date in order for them to strategize their work schedule. If you are not collecting your house keys within 3 months, very likely the home professionals will advise to plan your renovation works at the later stage. 


Number 4: Leave Your Contact Details

Most of the homeowners/ business owners don’t wish to leave their contact details to home professionals when they look for renovation quotation. The reason is very simple, because they just want to compare quotations from different home professionals without having the intention to go into details with the every home professionals that they engage. 

We always advise the homeowners or business owners to leave their contact details as this shows their sincerity, telling the home professionals that they are serious about this. Also, it is easier for the home professionals to reach out to you to seek clarification on your renovation details.


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