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A Must Know Renovation Cost that Your Interior Designers Will Not Tell You!

A Must Know Renovation Cost that Your Interior Designers Will Not Tell You!

If 2018 is the year you’ve decided to take on a full-scale renovation venture, then you’re definitely in luck. We’ve compiled a comprehensive breakdown of renovation cost that your Interior Designers will not tell you. It will determine your renovation cost and budget along with how certain things may end up affecting the timeline and overall look of your project. Let’s take a look:

1. Dismantling & Disposal Cost

Dismantling basically means tearing down some of the existing walls or construction works in order to accommodate your ideal interior design. It can be hard, brutal and sometimes dangerous work – especially if there is fear of any structural damage.

HDB authorizes have special guidelines for those who want to dismantle some of the existing construction in order to accommodate their new designs. In order to ensure that there is no damage to the load-bearing or sheer walls (or even the concrete structural skeleton), you’d have to hire a ‘Qualified Person’ to evaluate and submit the new designs to the relevant Authorities. Only when the design is approved can you proceed with your renovation.

Interior Designers Renovation Cost_Dismantling and Hacking Cost

2. Labour Cost for Laying Floor Finishes

There are two things that you need to know about floor finishes:-

– According to the HDB guidelines, the total thickness of your floor finishes must not exceed 50mm.

– Similarly, you have to invest in proper waterproofing in accordance with the HDB guidelines for wet areas such as bathroom and kitchen.

Both of these ventures are definitely essential and they’ll certainly add to your renovation cost.

Interior Designers Renovation Cost_Labour Cost for Floor Finishes

3. Labour Cost for Installing Wall Finishes

Some interior designers and renovators may charge wall finishes slightly higher than floor finishes work. It is mainly because it involves working at height. Same as floor finishes, it requires waterproofing works as well for the kitchen, bathroom and all other wet areas.

Renovation Cost_Labour Cost for Wall Finishes

4. Material Cost of Floor & Wall Finishes

It is important to note that various tiles from various brands have their own unique prices. It all depends on the quality and the material – ceramic tiles are usually less costly than porcelain, but definitely not as durable. Similarly, vinyl is more flexible both according to price range and durability. Note that on top of the material price, you need to add in the labour cost for laying the tiles, as shown in Picture 2 and 3.

Renovation Cost_Material Cost for Wall and Floor Finishes

5. False Ceiling

As for the false ceiling, here are a few major things you have to remember:

– The clear height from the floor finishes to the false ceiling must be 2.4m according to the HDB guidelines.

– All the materials used in the false ceiling must not be flammable.

– And lastly, you cannot design storage spaces inside the gap between the false ceiling and the roof.

Of course the cost of light fixtures, labour and installation are also going to add in this part of the budget.

Renovation Cost_False Ceiling

6. Partition Walls

Partition walls are of different types. Your renovation cost will come full-circle according to the kind you want to go for. You can make it permanent with brick-and-mortar construction. Or you can go for plasterboard as well – light, breezy and perpetually temporary.

Renovation Cost_Partition Wall

7. Carpentry Works

From the shelving design to even the media wall construction, carpentry works can cost a lot – especially if your designs are customized. This means that most of the major built-in furniture in your house is going to cost a lot more if the timber work calls for specialized labour and machinery. The cost of your wood – be it MDF or hardwood – is also going to matter when constructing a rough estimate.

Renovation Cost_Carpentry Works 1

Renovation Cost_Carpentry Works 2

8. Feature Wall

If you’d like to dress your interior designs on a different floor or wall tiles to create visual diversity, then it’s going to add to your renovation cost. Of course, the cost of your interior design will vary according to the kind of finish and brand you go for.

Renovation Cost_Feature Wall

9. Electrical Works

Electrical works include all the socket, DB, and other electrical points you need installed in your interior design. It includes wiring of the light points and fan points. The quality of your wiring is going to determine this part of your renovation cost.

Renovation Cost_Electrical Works

10. Plumbing Works

For bathroom renovation, the guide below may help estimate the installation cost of sanitary fitments. However, the price for sanitary products are varied and depends on the quality, brand, type and sizes.

Renovation Cost_Plumbing Works

A Must Know Renovation Cost that Your Interior Designers Will Not Tell You!

We hope this extensive list helps you get an idea of current market prices and how you can make a rough estimation. Always get at least 3 quotes from different interior designers and renovation contractor. Please click here to get free quotations from trusted interior designers and renovation contractors.

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