Fernvale Court

Works Involved
  • 3D Rendering 3D Rendering
  • Carpet & Flooring Carpet & Flooring
  • Ceiling & Partition Ceiling & Partition
  • Doors Doors
  • Electrical Electrical
  • Full Renovation Full Renovation
  • Interior Design Interior Design
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures
  • Lighting Lighting
  • Masonry & Tiling Masonry & Tiling
  • Painting Painting
  • Plumbing Plumbing
HDB Flat | 4 rooms
  • Project Cost $36,000
  • Project Size 1,000 sqft & below
  • New/Resale Resale
  • Project Year 2018
  • Project Duration 1 month
  • Design Style Scandinavian
  • Country Singapore
Project Images
5 Reviews For Design 4 Space Pte Ltd
  • Alvin Loo

    I would like to comment on the service of my ID Edmund and Team from tradehub 21 Design 4 space.They are very good & I am glad that I make the right decision using Design 4 space.The service provided since the day I sign up till the renovation completed proven I make the right choice .Edmund will endure my so much of my kiasu doubts and will clearly explain to me .Providing me lots of ideas and advise on my renovation works.After sales service is recognised as some small touch up is well followed up by the team . Kudos to Edmund and team. Good job . Well Appreciated.

    25 Oct 2018

  • Daniel Hung

    As we had a very pleasant experience with Vincent Chuah for my parent's house renovation, he was expectedly our first choice when it comes to our own. Again, we enjoyed his thoughtful planning, detailed explanations and timely execution which cumulated in a satisfactory handover within our targeted time line. Thanks again Vincent!

    24 Oct 2018


    我家买在三巴旺,通过同事介绍,认识了design4space 的daniel xue. 通过初步的了解装修后,就觉得他在这方面的专业度是很不错的,所以就找他了,在这个装修期间,他非常的积极,我有看到什么东西做的不对的,告诉了他,他都会很积极的帮你解决,和分析给你听,真的是一位对工作充满热忱,态度积极,非常专业的室内设计师。

    23 Jul 2018


    Like other first timer house buyer, we have zero experience in looking for renovation contractor. We learnt from HDB renovation guideline talks and studied many of renovation companies background (no. of complaints received, customer reviews, accredited contractor by Case Trust?). Finally we engaged Design 4 Space as our choice. The designer, Lee Sing is very friendly, meticulous, thoughtfulness, young lady. She coordinates perfectly throughout the whole renovation period within our targetted time frame. She also gave us valuable advice while both of husband and i cant make up decision for eg: wardrobe colour or material selection, which is matching with our minimalist theme. Whats more? She even source toilet acrylic panel suppliers for me even it is not her job scope! We feel comfortable and less worries as she is always contactable whenever we eagerly want to know the work progress or seek for her professional knowledge and assistance. In a nutshell, we are satisfied with the outcome of the renovation work. We would strongly recommend Design 4 Space as your first choice of renovation contractor!

    17 Jun 2018

  • Andy Aik

    新家装修好一个月了,现在终于有时间可以写写我对我的装修公司与我的ID。Design 4 space 是我在FB看到的,之前也是看蛮多的。也去了好几间本地出门的ID公司。D4S也是我看到的其中一间,但是不是我的第一选择。可能他们没有在电视广告打太多广告吧!(其它公司下足本钱打广告,但是我发现价格都偏高)。废话少说,我就在有一天我和我老婆都休息时去了Paya Lebar的showroom看看。他们家的showroom不大(比起其它知名的真的不算大)我和老婆走进去迎面走来就有个女孩子,她就是我过后的ID Ger Lyn ,她人真的没有太多的挑剔。先说说她的服务态度,她会设计,但是她不会要你一定要跟随她的设计(因为我去其它的公司,他们都会要求你尽量follow他们的设计)。她设计好她自己的图会给你看,我老实说前前后后我改了N次,不管是大细节小细节。重点是她一点都不会嫌我烦,有时我甚至突然想到我的idea我打给她她都会很细心的听我讲完,然后会在隔天画图send给我看。(但是如果改比较大部分还是需要两三天时间)开工到完成大概一个月。他们家的橱工手工不错,很多细节都去帮我想好了,很有经验。还有还有最重要的是,他们家不会收了你的钱就没有售后服务。就比如说我前几天看到一些小细节有问题需要更改,我就想打给我ID试试看她能帮到我吗?(其实这已不是她的工作了)她竟然说,没有问题下个礼拜我会找工人下去看看,看一下不要怎么改,我真的感激不尽。我真的听到太多的ID你屋子好了不要他们上来再看好像请神那么难。我这间ID公司真的没话讲,我的ID Geralyn 也是很棒很nice的人,我大力推荐各位如果要装修可以试试去看看,我的ID Geralyn 是在Paya Lebar showroom的,他们应该会给你一个漂亮满意的“家”交到你手中。

    26 Jan 2018

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