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Kitchen Cabinet Trends in Singapore

The Billboard Top 100 when it comes to carpentry in Singapore are quite underrated. Elegance and sophistication seem to be the aesthetic of choice, which means understated colors, simplicity and minimalism are the key trends in the kitchen cabinet industry.

It is important to note that your cabinets define the personality of your kitchen. Not only do they dictate the style, they are responsible for creating a veritable holistic look. Kitchen cabinets in Singapore seem to intermittently follow the themes that are incorporated in the rest of the homes, but most of the time they are design based on the running trends of the year. Further, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best kitchen cabinet trends.

1) Of Entablatures & Full Height

Most of the time, the clear height of your homes is dictated by the official HDB guidelines. Therefore, carpentry in Singapore has to be extremely conforming to these rules. However, designers have found ways to merge some technical setbacks with physical designs. That is how the full height entablature cabinet design came from. The full height utilizes precious space that can give you more storage, and the classical entablature elements bring aesthetical symmetry and a stylish streak to the overall design. You can find such cabinet designs in international magazines and social media ventures such as Elle D├ęcor & Veranda Mag.

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2) Half Open, Half Closed

While having fully open cabinetry in your kitchens can be extremely inefficient, you can definitely experiment with a set amount. In fact, open kitchen cabinets within two closed cabinets on either side has become quite a popular trend. Usually, the open shelving improves the decorative value of the overall cabinet structure while maintaining a lighter visual weight. This trend has been enthusiastically embraced by the design and carpentry community in Singapore.

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3) A Compact Cabinet Pantry

Efficient functionality is one of the most attractive qualities in any kitchen cabinet layout. While the outside matters a lot, it is the inside that determines the actual pragmatics of the design. This is why kitchen cabinets in Singapore are always designed by maintaining a fine balance between visuals and function. Compact pantries have become and extremely well-received cabinet design genre in these countries. It allows the user to maximize storage without compromising the aesthetic.

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4) Understated & Luxurious

Contemporary kitchen designs are usually set up with sleek modern materials that are highlighted by clever lighting techniques. Since the cabinets are such an inherent part of the kitchen interior, it is only right that they become the face of such material applications. These materials include elegant laminates, backsplashes and lighting embellishments. Holistically, they blend together to give excellent results that exude understated luxury. Such designs have become very desired in kitchen cabinets in Singapore.

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5) Minimalist Retro

While sleek sophistication is one aesthetic that has become widely embraced, the other one is a little bit different. DIY-ers and Internet Phenomenon’s have recently come up with the Minimalist Retro style of kitchen cabinet design. It features a rather simple cabinet face but makes up for it with a fun color scheme and handle choice. It features exuberant combinations like Paris Grey and gold, Ivory and brushed nickel, sky blue and bronze along with several more. For those who want a little stylistic diversity in their cabinet designs, this is the one you should go for!

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6) Matt Monochrome

Monochrome has always been a timeless color scheme, and 2018 has seen a rising popularity in cabinet designs of such combinations. Professional of Carpentry in Singapore have always been especially adept at translating such phenomenal concepts to reality. Soft close, efficiently designed kitchen cabinets clad with beautiful black laminates in a matt finish have thereby become quite a phenomenon in the industry.

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7) Functional Islands & Bars

Small kitchen island’s and breakfast bars have become quite common in the general design world. However, it is only in 2018 that the concept of functional cabinetry and drawers inside these bars and islands have truly caught on in Singapore. They give the users a more versatile function and a unique aesthetic value. Altogether, it is a great concept that makes the most of small space interior design, which is the actual norm in such countries.

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Kitchen cabinet designs in Singapore have to conform to not only the holistic home interior design, but they have to retain a certain uniqueness of their own. We hope this article helps you keep up with the latest trends in the market.