A cost effective HDB Makeover is quite a rarity. Everybody longs for those picture perfect, magazine spread interiors that seem so effortlessly pristine in those Pinterest mood boards. Reality may be a little bit shabby, but you can certainly tweak a few things to give your interior that much needed makeover.

HDB is relatively small in layout and low on space, the interior design of these apartments tends to call for unique design measures. An HDB makeover in a cost effective way might be challenging to pull off. You might not have to pull out the ‘Big Guns’ but you will certainly have to use some clever interventions to tame the old-school, small style layout of the land. Let’s look at a few cost effective ways to give your HDB’s a good, extensive makeover.

1) Go for Minimalism
Less is truly more when it comes to remodeling your HBD apartment in a cost effective way. Minimalism is all about designing the interiors in a restrained yet sophisticated way. in a space as small as an HBD apartment, the simpler you design, the better. If you choose an oppulant, grandiose theme, it will only make the space seem out of context, and your theme pretty contrived.

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2) Choose a light yet bright color scheme
When your home is as small as the spatial constraints of an HBD apartment make it, then you need to work with a light, yet bright color scheme. The light in this context means that the major ambient impact of your color scheme needs to lean towards the lighter category, while the accentuation can be carried out in bright, lively and vivid colors. This will create adequate contrast and illusory impact of a larger space.

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3) Clever furniture layout
Furniture layout is pretty important when you’re carrying out a cost-effective HBD apartment makeover. You have to be careful about choosing the right style; do not go for heavily tufted or otherwise ornamented stuff. Choose the simplest pieces and arrange them carefully in around the space in a way that will maximize the circulation space and contribute to the aesthetics at the same time. a good example of this idea is half-walls and step-ups between the bedroom and closet space.

Image source: HotStylex

4) Lots of natural light
Natural light has intrinsic properties that can make any space seem larger than it is. So when you’re carrying out that cost-effective makeover for your HBD apartment invest in large windows and open floor layouts to accommodate adequate flow of natural light in your homes. This kind of lighting, along with a light color scheme can make any small space seem more capacious than it actually is.

Image source: thechrisslefactor

5) Simple window treatments
Avoid frou-frou accoutrements when you’re conducting an HDB apartment makeover. This goes especially for window treatments. There are a lot of options in the contemporary market for simple yet effective window coverings, so it would be best to avoid curtains or drapes. Go for blinds, or even shutters – something straightforward that will not hinder the visual dynamics of your small space.

Image Source: scene.sg

6) Vintage chic
If you’re a fan of accessorizing and you’re thinking of investing in a cost-effective HBD makeover then this one is for you. Vintage chic is all about curating some choice pieces that have a dated, retro look, but are also partially contemporary. When you pair these up with the furniture of your choice, the simple surroundings and lots of natural light, it can enhance the beauty of your space in a natural way.

Image source: lizvivart

7) Industrial textures
Industrial style interior design is all about working with the barebones of the existing space and creating visually appealing add-ons. For a successful HBD makeover, you can definitely emulate this theme as far as the material palate is concerned. Its rough, raw textures will fit in well with the vintage chic vibe along with the rest of the small style space accentuation methods.

Image source: Dwell

8) Looking mirror cladding
The best way to double up the quality and visuals of your space in an illusory way is by large scale looking mirror cladding. This technique is especially viable for the remodel of a small space like an HDB apartment. You could clad an entire alcove, or even an important feature wall to create the mirage of extra space where there is none.

Image source: homedecorsingapore

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you could utilize some clever ideas to create an illusively spacious interior within a small space.

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