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Renovating Your Kitchen?? Things That You Must Know For Your Kitchen Renovation

To many of the food lovers, kitchen is one of the most important room within the house. Not only that it is a place to store all the groceries, it is also a place where families spend time around. It has never been an easy task to undertake your kitchen renovation as there are many trades involved within. Today, we are going to share with your the things that your must know before your kitchen renovation begins


Number 1: Existing Kitchen Layout  Vs Proposed Kitchen Layout 

Be mindful of the existing kitchen layout before you design for your new kitchen layout. It is good to first identify the services position at the existing kitchen layout like water points and electrical points. From the services point, you will have a rough idea how you should play around within room.

There are many types of kitchen layout design in the market, however, you should choose the layout that in line with your living behaviour. For instance, If you like to spend time with your friends and families within the kitchen, you may consider creating a space like open kitchen island where you utilise it for dining and drinking purpose.


kitchen layout
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Number 2:  Knowing the details of your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets is considered the most costly part in your kitchen renovation, thus knowing your options may help you to have some saving in it. Basically, the cost of the kitchen cabinet is mainly dictated by its length and the material we use for the cabinets, counter top, accessories. Over here we are going to have quick look into these few aspects.


Needless to say, the longer your cabinet, the more costly it will be. Therefore, always be mindful whether are going for sole bottom cabinet or a combination of top and bottom cabinet.


Cabinets can be either made of timber or aluminium and later is always more costly due to cost of the raw material. Most of the homeowners still prefer choosing timber cabinet with high pressure laminate due to its aesthetic pleasure and its surface texture. However, durability wise, aluminium made cabinets are relatively more lasting and resistant to water damage.

Counter Top 

There are many options for your counter top selection like solid surface, quartz and kompacplus. The length of the counter top is dictated by the length of your bottom cabinets and your island.


Cabinet works will always come with accessories like hinges and tracking system. If your are looking for branded accessories like Blum or Hafele, it will be quoted separately.


kitchen renovation
Photo Credit : 7even Interior Design


Number 3: Hiding all your services 

Always begin with the end in mind when you plan for your kitchen renovation. A good Interior Designer or Renovation Contractor will always advise their clients to first confirm on the position of the services like power points, water points and gas point prior to the commencement of the physical works to prevent any double handling works.

The purpose of this is to ensure that all the service can be covered by the cabinets without people knowing their existence.

kitchen layout
Photo Credit: Design 4 Space


After reading this article, hope that you will have a better understanding on the details of kitchen renovation. If  you looking for reliable Interior Design Firm, Renovation Contractor or Carpenter, you can click for non-obligatory quotations before your renovation begins.


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How To Choose The Right Interior Designer For Your Renovation?

Many people have been wondering how to choose the right interior designer for their renovation works. To determine that, today we are going to share with your the top 4 traits of choosing the right interior designer. 



Number 1: Understand Your Needs 


If you are looking for the right interior designer, naturally you are looking for someone who truly understand your renovation needs and concerns. The right interior designer will always first find out your needs and give you their realistic proposal that fit your condition and needs. 

Thus, the right interior designer must know you very well to the extent of your living behaviour and taste.  


Number 2: Choose The Right People Instead Of The Company 


Most of the people will go for the branded interior design firms when they are looking for someone for their renovation works. However, we always encourage people to choose the right people instead of the company. The reason behind is because the person in charge of those big companies may not be someone who looks after the best interest of yours. 

Thus, why are you paying so much for not getting the right person onboard? There are many other growing yet reliable interior design firms out there that deliver quality works.


Number 3: Good Service


Renovation works is a very complex and tedious process that requires a lot of coordination works and patience. Thus, the right interior designer must be a service oriented people who excels in customer service and do no mind to spend time to assist their clients to sort out all the single details throughout renovation works. 

Also, a good service interior designer will always provide good after sale services which can give their client peace of mind by choosing them.


Number 4: Chemistry 


The right interior designer must be able to “click” with you from the start to the end as the renovation works will take months to complete. 

Thus, i always tell my friends and clients that that the right interior designer always begins with the right “chemistry”. 


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Top 4 Things You Must Know Before You Request For Renovation Quotation

As a smart consumer, we always compare before our purchase. The same goes to the homeowners/ business owners when they are looking for reliable home professionals for their renovation works. Today, we are going to share with the “Top 4 Things That You Must Know Before You Request For Renovation Quotation”. 




Number 1: Understand Your Renovation Need 

It is important for homeowners/ business owners to understand their renovation needs before they approach any home professionals for renovation quotation. Homeowners/ Business owners can not expect the home professionals to read their mind. Thus, they must have a clear mind of the scope of works, affected areas and the design style that they want.


Number 2: Know Your Site Condition 

Knowing your site condition is crucial as it will dictate your renovation cost. For home professionals to provide an accurate quotation, it is advisable for homeowners/ business owners to provide a copy of general layout plan with dimension as well as some actual site photographs. This is to help the home professionals to have the better understanding of the site condition and provide a more realistic renovation quotation. 


Number 3: Fix Your Expected Commencement Date 

This is one of standard question that a home professional will when you approach them for a renovation quotation. Home professionals always concern about the commencement date in order for them to strategize their work schedule. If you are not collecting your house keys within 3 months, very likely the home professionals will advise to plan your renovation works at the later stage. 


Number 4: Leave Your Contact Details

Most of the homeowners/ business owners don’t wish to leave their contact details to home professionals when they look for renovation quotation. The reason is very simple, because they just want to compare quotations from different home professionals without having the intention to go into details with the every home professionals that they engage. 

We always advise the homeowners or business owners to leave their contact details as this shows their sincerity, telling the home professionals that they are serious about this. Also, it is easier for the home professionals to reach out to you to seek clarification on your renovation details.


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Top 5 Defects That You Must Know Before Taking Over Your New House

Buying a house is a very big commitment to most of the newly wed. Today, we are going to share with you the “Top 5 Defects That You Must Know Before Taking Over Your New House”.



1. Water Leakage  

Water leakage at the wet area like kitchen and toilets can cause you a nightmare if you are staying at the high rise residential building. It is also one of most problematic defects that homeowners are facing nowadays.

There are several ways to detect the water leakage at your house unit. First, you can carry out visual inspection to find out if there is any water stain marks or leakages at the ceiling of your kitchen and toilets. Further, you can also carry water ponding test to your kitchen and toilets area to check if there is any drop in the water level.


2. Clogged Piping 

There have been many clogged piping cases in the past whereby the water overflow from the pipe outlet. Thus, it is always advisable for new homeowners to activate the utilities and let the water run before they move into their new house.


3. Window Tightness 

Most of the homeowners always overlook this defect they they first take over their new house. Poor window tightness can lead to problems like water seepage and excessive noise pollution.

To prevent this from happening, homeowners can always check whether the windows are properly installed and fully sealed. Another thing is to ensure that the window sealants are still intact and in good condition.


4. Hollow and Uneven Floor Tiling 

This is one of the most common defect that homeowners will normally see when they first take over their new house.

Hollow and uneven floor tiling are mainly due to poor workmanship of the tiler. It will cause problems like floor cracking and popping up of tiles. It is advisable to replace all the hollow and uneven floor tiling before moving in, otherwise it will cause greater inconveniences to the homeowners in future.


5. Electrical Supply 

It is always good to ensure that all the power points within the house are still functioning well without any tripping. If your encounter any power tripping, it is very likely likely due to overloading, faulty breaker or bad wiring.


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Big 4 Mistakes to Avoid For Your House Renovation Works

People tend to make mistake when they are new to something, the same goes the first timer homeowner dealing with their house renovation. Today, we are going to share with you what are the  “Big 4 Mistakes to Avoid For Your House Renovation Works”. 


Number 1:  Don’t Simply Hack  

If you intend to tear down any wall for your space planning, you must know what can be hacked and what cannot be hacked. First, you have identify which are structural members like rc column, rc beam and rc slab. Basically, you  cannot simply hack or tear down any structural members,otherwise the structural integrity of the building might be affected. Therefore, always ask your Interior Designer and Renovation Contractor before tearing down any wall.


Number 2: Don’t Pay All Your Renovation Cost Upfront

Renovation cost is not a 1-2 dollar thing. It involves a lot of money. So, dont ever pay all your renovation cost upfront, what you need to do is to give a percentage downpayment upfront before any physical commences. The balance can be paid progressively.


Number 3: Don’t Be Greedy 

It is normal that everyone is looking for the best deal for their house renovation. But if the deal is too good to believed, then you have be careful, because it may lead you to another renovation scam. There is no free lunch in the world, so long the price is within the market range, then it should be ok.


Number 4: Don’t keep changing your mind

Be clear of the scope of works and the design style that you want upfront. Don’t keep changing your mind as the renovation works are going on. This will just lead your to additional cost and substantial delay to your renovation works.


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Top 5 Facts Of Carpentry Works In Singapore

Good carpentry can be a breath of fresh air in typical HDB residences. From in-built shelving units to customized wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, a good carpentry contractor can emulate the best of design and the most beautiful finishes in your HDB interior designs. It’s a skilled trade that requires extensive and skillful work along with a lot of experience in order to produce qualitative designs.

When you decide to undertake a home renovation, you must prepare yourself for extensive carpentry works. Further, let’s take a look at the top 5 facts of carpentry works you must know before you engage any carpentry contractor in Singapore.


1. Customized Carpentry Works

If you’re carrying out extensive renovation works in your HDBs, then be prepared to fork out a lot of cash because it’ll probably come with some customized carpentry works. A good carpentry contractor can realize your designs perfectly, but the cost may be steep. From full-fledged platform beds to beautifully designed media walls, everything comes at a price. So always calculate what is worth splurging on, when you’re finalizing your interior designs.


2. Standardized & Customized Wardrobe Designs

Typical HDB wardrobes come in standardized sizes, but if you want your homes to look unique, or want to invest in clever storage solutions, then its best to go with new ones. However, it is important to note that these customized wardrobes can cost you a pretty penny – especially if you’re going to retrofit a design that will suit the size and dimensions of your existing space. These customized HDB wardrobes look extremely gorgeous and can emulate any interior design style you’re working with, so they’re definitely worth their costs.


3. Investing In New Kitchen Cabinets

Typical HDB kitchen cabinets are quite conventional in designs, and can be hard to emulate into themed interior design settings. So if you thing you can afford new ones, then it’s definitely recommended to go for broke. Note that this includes extensive amount of carpentry work, which can be especially costly.

However, if you think that this investment is an unnecessary budget buster, then you can simply exchange the laminates and keep the framing and woodwork the same. This will cut down the cost, and make your HDB kitchen cabinets aesthetically enviable at the same time.

carpentry contractors


4. Cost-Effective Design Styles

An important factor to consider while deciding on a specific design theme for your HDB interior is the carpentry. Since it usually costs a lot, people tend to go for neater, sleeker and clean design styles like minimalism, modernism and Scandinavian. This is because the simplicity of such aesthetics can cut down on the amount of woodwork that has to be done in a home. A good carpentry contractor can even provide you with sleek, imperceptible finishes while carrying out this particular style of furnishings and in-built systems. Just remember: the minimal your design, the cheaper the carpentry.

carpentry contractor


5. Specialized Carpentry Works

Specialized carpentry works like laser-cut furnishings, partition walls and more may look very attractive, but at the end of the day, they’ll cost you a pretty penny. So always be aware of the kind of design you lock before consulting your carpentry contractor. Only go for elaborate designs if your budget allows for it.

So these are the top 5 facts you must always consider before investing in carpentry works. We hope this article helps you get a hang of the basics.


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How To Choose A Good Tiling Contractor In Singapore

Tiling is a costly venture, and it is important to make sure that your investment isn’t a bust for long term. This is why you should always go for a good tiling contractor who can help you get the best possible due diligence for a project. Not only can a professional tiling contractor appraise your site and project appropriately, but they can also help you get the best products, the best finishes and the best prices to go with your renovation. So the question now is, how do you choose a good tiling contractor in Singapore? Let’s find out!


1. Request an estimate

While browsing for your tiling professional, you should always ask for a rough estimate of your project. The varying cost between the contractors can be quite confusing, but make sure you also appraise the quality of work along with the quoted price. Sometimes, a contractor who bids a larger price presents good, qualitative work as compared to a contractor who bids a lower price for bad quality work. Remember that you’re going for long-lasting and durable tiling work, so always keep the long term advantages in mind.


2. Ask for testimonials

During your search for the ideal tiling contractor in Singapore, the best thing you can ask of the candidate are some extensive testimonials. Testimonials are written statements by previous clients can be very reassuring once you read their experience with respect to similar jobs. If you feel like these can be easily faked, then you can ask for the contact number of these clients and talk to them about their personal experience with that particular contractor extensively. You’ll definitely feel reassured and can make a more firm decision once you’ve talked to a person who’s gone through a similar venture.


3. Browse their Portfolios

Another thing you can do while searching for the ideal tiling contractor is ask for portfolios from your candidates. More often than not, looking at the actual work done by that professional can help you make your mind about whether you want them to do your job or not. Any tiling contractor in Singapore can show you their portfolios of projects similar to your own. You can comfortably look through their previous works and then decide if they’re worth investing on or not.


4. Know your scope of work

It is pretty important to actually know your scope of work before going to your tiling contractor. This includes appraising your desired products and looking for the level of skills and expertise required for your particular project. If your tiling work is typical, then the level of expertise of your contractor may differ than otherwise. On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone to lay down customized floor patterns with expert precision, then you’ll definitely be looking for a contractor who can handle such an intricate and extensive scope of work.


5. A showroom referral

Tile showrooms are the best place to start your search for that ideal tiling contractor in Singapore. This way, you can browse for those perfect tiles that complement your home interiors as well as a capable contractor to do all the work at the same time.

Most tiling showrooms have extensive lists of tiling contractors and their portfolios. Moreover, the employees there can give you personal referrals according to the scope of work you’re going for. This can cut down a lot of time and hassle on your part, especially when you can get an expert opinion.


6. Educate yourself beforehand

You must also educate yourself a little in the process of tile laying in order to get the most of your services. You don’t have to become an expert overnight, but having some generic knowledge and conforming the details with your contractor can be very reassuring. For example, if you know the correct ratio of adhesive mixing and the minimal requirement of grouting space between the tiles, you can definitely oversee your tiling work in a more better as well as an efficient way. It’s a great way to spruce down your ideal tiling contractor in Singapore.

Finding the perfect tiling professional can be hard work, and we hope this list can help you cut down on a lot of hassle during the process.


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We hope this extensive list helps you get an idea of how to find a good tiling contractor in Singapore. Always get at least 3 quotes from different tiling contractors in Singapore. Please click here to get free quotations from trusted interior designers and renovation contractors.

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Comprehensive Renovation Breakdown Cost of Singapore in 2018

Comprehensive Renovation Breakdown Cost of Singapore in 2018

It has never been easy to manage your renovation budget when you have no idea how much does it cost for each of your renovation activity. To enabling everyone to manage their renovation budget effectively, we have produced an estimated renovation breakdown cost for those common renovation activities.

1. Dismantling and Hacking

Dismantling and hacking is one of the most unwanted works by all of us as it produces noises, debris and dusts. However, it is inevitable when comes to renovation. There are few things to take note in hacking works:-

(a) We DO NOT hack structural member of building like reinforced concrete column, beam, and shear wall as it will impair the structural integrity of the building. However, partition walls like brick walls and plasterboard walls are hackable as they are non load bearing member.

(b) Always check with relevant authority/professionals prior to any hacking of walls. Hacking of certain walls require a permit from the HDB or management of the condominium

(c) A proper protection work needs to be in place prior to the commencement of hacking works. (Note: Kindly check with you renovator if disposal of debris off-site is included in the quotation.)

1. Dismantling and Hacking Cost

1Brick wall and block wall; in whole; in part
i. brick wall not exceeding 200 mm thick, including disposal of debris off-sitem2$40.00 ~ $55.00
2Natural stones; tiles; wash pebbles; the like; wall/ floor finish; cement and sand backing/ bedding scared; whole in part
i. stone/tiles finishes; not exceeding 50mm thickm2$40.00 ~ $55.00
ii. stone/tiles finishes; exceeding 50mm thickm2$60.00 ~ $78.00
3Drywall partitions; in whole; in part; the like
i. brick wall, including disposal of debris off-sitem2$40.00 ~ $55.00
4Cement and sand plaster; paint; in whole; in part
i. cement and sand paving; not exceeding 25mm thickm2$40.00 ~ $50.00


2. Wall & Floor Finishes

One of the most common activities in renovation works is the application of wall & floor finishes.  Finishes works involves plastering, skim coating, painting and tiling works. There are few things to take note in wall & floor finishes works:-

(a) In general, the cost of wall finishes work is slightly more expensive than floor finishes as it involves working at height.

(b) The cost of wall and floor finishes is mainly dictated by the type of finishes you choose. (Note: The cost below does not cover the material cost; it is mainly labour cost.)

(c) Waterproofing works need to be done prior to the application of floor finishes at wet areas like bathroom and kitchen. If you do not wish to damage the existing waterproofing system, you may consider overlay the new tiles on the existing tiles instead of hacking the existing tiles)

Renovation breakdown cost_floor finishes
Floor Finishes

2a. Floor Finishes Cost

1Cement and sand paving
i. 25mm thick; finished to fallsm2$22.00 ~ $30.00
ii. 35mm thick; finished to fallsm2$25.00 ~ $33.00
2Cement and sand plaster; paint; in whole; in part
i. cement and sand paving; not exceeding 25mm thickm2$40.00 ~ $50.00
3Lay only homogeneous/ ceramic tiles; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesives; patterns
i. to floorm2$60.00 ~ $80.00
4Lay only mosaic tiles; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesive; pattern
i. to floorm2$87.00 ~ $113.00
5Lay only granite/ marble; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesives; pattern
i. to floorm2$87.00 ~ $113.00
6Wash pebbles; cement and sand mortar; protective impregnator coating
i. to floorm2$87.00 ~ $113.00
7Floor hardener; levelling; curing with compound
i. to floorm2$20.00 ~ $30.00


Renovation breakdown cost_wall finishes
Wall Finishes

2b. Wall Finishes Cost

1Cement and sand plaster; plastering admixtures; finished smooth
i. 20mm thick; brickwork; clockwork; concrete surfacem2$45.00 ~ $60.00
2Cement and sand backing; receive marble granite/ homogeneous/ ceramic/ mosaic tiles
i. 20mm thick; brickwork; clockwork; concrete surfacem2$20.00 ~ $28.00
3Skim coat plastering; plasticiser; finished smooth; concrete surfaces
i. to internal wallm2$15.00 ~ $20.00
ii. to external wallm2$17.00 ~ $23.00
4Cement and sand plaster; paint; in whole; in part
i. cement and sand paving; not exceeding 25mm thickm2$40.00 ~ $50.00
5Lay only homogeneous/ ceramic tiles; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesives; patterns
i. to wallm2$60.00 ~ $80.00
6Lay only mosaic tiles; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesive; pattern
i. to wallm2$87.00 ~ $120.00
7Lay only granite/ marble; cement and sand mortar; bonding adhesives; pattern
i. to wallm2$87.00 ~ $120.00


3. False Ceiling

False ceiling is the immediate component of soffit of slab or roof. It is common for homeowners to create a false ceiling space to hide all the M&E services so that all these services will not be visible to the public. There are few things to take note in this aspects of works:-

(a) In general, there are two types of plasterboard. They are moisture resistance fibrous plasterboard and fibrous plasterboard. For moisture resistance fibrous plasterboard, it is commonly used in wet areas like bathroom and kitchen; However for fibrous plasterboard, it is commonly used in areas like living wall, bedroom where the area is not exposed to any wet activity.

(b) Always check with your renovators if the opening for M&E services and patching works are inclusive in your quotation.

(c) The higher your false ceiling is, the more you need to pay as it involves working at height.

3. False Ceiling Cost

1Moisture resistance fibrous plasterboard
i. 9mm thick not exceeding 3.5m high to ceilingm2$50.00 ~ $100.00
ii. 12mm thick not exceeding 5.0m high to ceilingm2$80.00 ~ $130.00
2Fibrous plasterboard
i. 9mm thick not exceeding 3.5m high to ceilingm2$40.00 ~ $80.00
ii. 12mm thick not exceeding 5.0m high to ceilingm2$70.00 ~ $120.00


4. Partition Wall

Partition walls are non load bearing walls. They are constructed of materials like brick walls, plasterboard, light weight block and so on to separate a space from one another. There are few things to take note in this aspect of works:-

(a) The cost is mainly dictated by the type of partition wall you choose. If you intend to create a better sound insulation for your room, you may consider constructing a thicker wall. Or, you may consider applying insulation board on your partition wall.

(b) If your tearing down an existing wall, please check with relevant authority or professionals if the existing walls are load bearing wall. Also, you are required to apply for permit from HDB or the management of condominium to prior to your demolition of walls.

Renovation Breakdown Cost of Singapore in 2017

4. Partition Wall Cost

1Plasterboard wall system
i. to wallm2$110.00 ~ $130.00
2Brick Wall
i. Well burnt solid clay brick; standard size: bedded and jointed; cement and sand mortar; plasticiser
~ 100 thick wall m2$40.00 ~ $52.00
~ 150 thick wall m2$60.00 ~ $75.00
ii. Facing brick wall; first quality; pointed
~ 100 thick wall m2$90.00 ~ $115.00
~ 150 thick wall m2$100.00 ~ $130.00


5. Carpentry 

Carpentry involves assembling of timber works like cabinet, tv console, wardrobe and so on. It is kind of a “must” for those not fully furnished houses.

(a) The cost is mainly dictated by the size and dimension of your carpentry work as well as the difficulty level of the works.  Also, your choice of materials (wood) will greatly affect the cost of the work

(b) The precision of the dimension is very important for carpentry work as most of carpentry works are custom-made.

(c) Different kind surface finishes (bare finish, laminate, solid surface) will cost you differently. It is always good to confirm with your carpenter on the cost of different surface finish prior to your order.

5. Carpentry Cost

i. Kitchen Cabinet (including solid surface)per meter run$500.00 ~ $800.00
i. Wardrobe (including laminates)per meter run$800.00 ~ $1,500.00
i. Vanity Table (including solid surface)per meter run$350.00 ~ $550.00


6. Electrical Works

6. Electrical Works Cost

1Lighting Point and Wiring
~ Core PVC cable to lighting points including PVC trunking, surface mounted white rocker plate switches:-
i. One lighting point controlled by 1-gang switchsum$60.00 ~ $100.00
ii. Two lighting point controlled by 2-gang switchsum$75.00 ~ $120.00
iii. Three lighting point controlled by 3-gang switchessum$85.00 ~ $125.00
iv. One lighting point controlled by 2-way switchessum$90.00 ~ $130.00
v. One fan point controlled by one switch excluding regulatorsum$90.00 ~ $110.00
2Power Point and Wiring
i. One 13 Amp switch socket outlet (1-gang) with wiringsum$90.00 ~ $120.00
ii. One 13 Amp switch socket outlet (2-gang) with wiringsum$100.00 ~ $130.00
iii. One 15 Amp switch socket outlet (1-gang) with wiringsum$110.00 ~ $140.00
iv. One 20 Amp water heater point with wiringsum$150.00 ~ $180.00


7. Plumbing Work

Design Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Better

7. Plumbing Works Cost

1Supply and Installation of Sanitary Fitments
~ To supply and install the following inclusive of all connection, necessary pipework and fittings, support, opening
i. Floor trapset$150.00 ~ $200.00
ii. Floor Waste outlet (75 x 75) including grating coverset$50.00 ~ $60.00
iii. Gully Trap including gating coverset$200.00 ~ $250.00
iv. Water Tap (installation only) set$50.00 ~ $80.00
v. Constant Flow Regulatorset$30.00 ~ $40.00
2Installation of Sanitary Fitments
~ To install the following of all connection, necessary pipework and fittings, support, opening
i. Wash Basinset$50.00 ~ $100.00
ii. Sinkset$75.00 ~ $125.00
iii. Squatting type W.Cset$200.00 ~ $300.00
iv. Pedestal type W.C (floor mounted) set$150.00 ~ $200.00
v. Urinal (wall hung) set$150.00 ~ $200.00
vi. Tapset$50.00 ~ $80.00
vii. Automatic sensor type flush valve for Urinal or W.Cset$50.00 ~ $80.00
viii. Manual type flush valve for Urinal or W.Cset$100.00 ~ $120.00


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Design Inspiration Tips & Advice

The Top 5 Interior Design Styles in Singapore

One of the biggest struggles both the client and interior designer have to face during a renovation is not being able to communicate properly. This is in part due to the fact that clients have little to no technical knowledge of any design lingo, so they can never properly articulate what kind of a interior design styles they want to have in their homes. Everyone wants their home to look the absolute best! But how to bridge that gap between your designer and yourself in order to communicate properly?

Easy; educate yourself a little bit in their lingo so you can better know and tell what, how and where you want your dream home accoutrements to be!

Here’s a small crash course in all the prevailing interior design styles in both Singapore. Knowing these small essentials will help you go a long way from your starting point!

(1) Contemporary

The word ‘contemporary’ literally translates to ‘of the present.’ So the contemporary interior design styles emulate all the practices that are trending at the present moment. Many people confuse this style with modern, not knowing that they are distinctly different. Interior design and Singapore is chock-full of contemporary interior design trends. It’s ubiquitous, but many do not know its defining characteristics.

Here’s all you need to know: the contemporary style is fluid! It doesn’t have to be strictly formal and rigid like modernism. It can lean a little sideways to be flamboyant and even artsy. You can use green walls, indoor planters, accent laser lighting, unique lighting fixtures, vivid colors, graphic art and even accessories that make a bold statement to emulate the contemporary style in your interior design. Anything and everything that is trending in the here and now is relevant!

Interior Design styles_Contemporary Style

(2) Industrial

The industrial style emulates a warehouse-like aesthetic, which emphasizes raw materials and an artfully unfinished ambiance. Interior design in Singapore has become canny enough to emulate such an impactful style in residential settings.

You can evoke the industrial style in your interior design by following two simple rules; use materials with raw aesthetic, and an understated, dull color palate. The idea is to emphasize all of the raw finishes, so you can use exposed brick, hollowed-out ductwork in the ceiling and cement. Track lights and wooden accents are also a great way to imbue the industrial style.

Interior Design styles_Industrial Style

(3) Scandinavian

The Modern Movement represented societies take on simplicity in the past, and the Scandinavian Style represents our take on simplicity now. This style is straightforward and undemanding – basic at its best. But still, there is a lot of thought that goes into designing an effortlessly Scandinavian style interior design.

Interior design in Singapore is dominantly leaning towards the Scandinavian style of interior design. This style is characterized by a few major points: all-white color palate with a small bit of contrast, light wooden floors, large window openings and understated furniture/accessories. You can even incorporate light distressed wood finishes, shag rugs and subtle metallic accents. The overall impact is elegant and understated.

Interior Design styles_Scandinavian Style

(4) Shabby-Chic

Interior design in Singapore is quite all-encompassing, but the Shabby-Chic style has been decidedly prevalent. This style is characterized by soft, aesthetically worn-out furnishings that seem extremely vintage inspired – even though they are new most of the times. This style uses a light or pastel color palate that emphasizes the vintage charm of all the other features. Distressed finishes – paint, fabric, flooring, wallpapers and more – are also a key characteristic of this style. You can embellish the Shabby-Chic style with antique or vintage decoration pieces displayed in strategic corners around the room. a large amount of visual clutter is also appreciated.

(5) Minimalistic

Minimalism is not simply an interior design style, but also a way of life. It entails getting rid of the clutter in both your life and space for a better, more serene lifestyle. Therefore, a minimalist interior design focuses on simple, elegant materials that stand out on their own, regardless of the lack of ornamentation. These materials may feature matt, gloss or even smooth finishes. The color scheme is a mixture of light and earthy. Both of them combine to offer a beautiful visual contrast. Simple furniture with no decorative value is very much appreciated in this aesthetic. There is little to no ornamentation or accessories – if you don’t absolutely need it, then it shouldn’t be in the space after all. Add in large window portals that let in an ample amount of natural light and you’ll have a beautiful minimal interior of your very own.

Interior Design styles_Minimalistic Style


If you sit down to compile a list of all existing interior design styles, then it could go on literally and figuratively forever. But since interior design in Singapore is pretty streamlined, a crash course in these few style would be enough to better your basic understanding.

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7 Reasons To Go For Local Interior Designer in Singapore

If you’re buying a new apartment or thinking about renovating an old one, then chances are that you’ll be searching high and low for an expert local interior designer. Interior design in Singapore is a budding industry that offers some of the greatest designs, aesthetics and trends in the region. Since taking on a new interior design project can be overwhelming for a rookie, it is best to consult a professional designer. They will help you understand your ideas better, give your rough ideas vision, and offer expert execution. 

It would also be better to go with a local interior designer, as they are well-versed in what works best for that particular region. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons you should definitely opt for a local interior designer in Singapore.

1.Knowledge of design, materials and technicalities

Every region has its own building and construction style. In countries like India, they abide by brick masonry. In the western countries steel structures are more dominant. Similarly, interior design in Singapore and Malaysia has its own set of technical, material and design restrains, and nobody knows them better than an experienced local designer. Their skill and knowledge of these technicalities will ensure that you get the best quality of interior design.

Local Interior Designer

2. Quality control over the workmanship

The local interior designers dabble in fieldwork even during their education. Therefore, they have interminable connections with various labor unions, craftsmen and workers all over the industry. So when you consult a local designer they will provide you excellent quality control over the workmanship. They will be acquainted with the best workmen in the region, which will ensure that you get the best designs.

Local Interior Designer_Singapore

3.Knowledge of culture, traditions and vernacular

Every region has its own culture and traditions, which end up defining the lifestyle of the people. No international interior designer will ever be able to interpret your local lifestyle successfully in a floor plan. They will design according to their understanding, which might not be suitable for where you reside. In retrospect, a local interior designer understands the vernacular customs, traditions and lifestyle very well. They can design spaces that will accommodate your day to day life with no hindrance at all.

Interior Design in Singapore

4.Budgeting control over the renovation cost

A local interior designer is well-aware of the current market prices of all construction and design paraphernalia. This allows them to have a tight rein over the budget. An international designer will never know if their recommending a product with an inflamed price or not. So hiring a local interior designer will keep you from uselessly busting your budget and renovation cost.

Interior Design in Singapore

5.One-stop service – save time talking to dozens of tradesmen

If you outsource a complete design from an international designer, you will have to tackle the insurmountable madness of the renovation process yourself. You will have to hire all sorts of contractors – building works, door and windows, electrical works and many more. But a local interior designer offers you a one-stop service. You will not have to talk with dozens of tradesmen, which will save you a lot of time and headache.

Interior Design in Singapore


6.Personal site survey and supervision

Here’s a small secret you should know; no design can ever be completely perfect if the designer hasn’t personally surveyed the site. Without actually appraising each and every nook and cranny of the space-to-be-designed, no designer can ever fully utilize and skirt around the constraints of the site. So the biggest benefit of hiring a local interior designer is that they can ensure a personal site survey and supervision before, after and during the process of renovation. This will improve the quality of the end product.

Interior Design in Singapore

7.Easier communication

Language barrier can be a big problem, especially when it comes to something as abstract as interior design. Often times, you will find that you cannot communicate your ideas and expectations to the designer very well. Compared to that, hiring a local designer will give you opportunities to better convey your concepts in a reasonable way.

Interior Design in Singaporea


As you can see, there are a lot of points that a local interior designer can better help you with. Since interior design in Singapore has very specific vernaculars, it is always better to go local rather than international with your preferred design team.